Chicken Coop

After the tornado on May 9, 2016, we had no place to put our chickens and ducks. I was determined to utilize as much extra material from our new construction. They had plenty of leftover tin so I bought a nibbler and went to work.

I found on Anna Whites website a chicken coop. However I didn’t like exterior boxes. So I made some modifications.

I used extra boards from y boarded up window that the contractor fixed. I coated it with Thompsons Water Seal.

The framing was from Anna Whites Chicken Coop

I lifted it into place…which was extremely heavy! Try to get help! 

I created nesting boxes inside.

Brooklyn hanging out.

Perch above a future chick and duckling area.I filled sand to catch droppings.

Putting tin on.

I created shutters on the sides so they could be opened and closed. I also ade a small back opening for them to crawl in and out.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. realitytherapywest says:

    Excellent Chicken Structure!


    1. autumnokie says:

      Thank you so much. It was an awesome project. My girls love it!


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