Framing with Pallets

What do you do when you have a bunch of old prints around the house in plastic frames? You create!

My husband has some amazing photos but they were in either plastic frames or gold frames. Since we have no gold in our house, I thought it was time that I pull out the famous pallets and get to cracking.

I had a purchase in this. 🙂 I measured the picture and it was 2ft X 20 inches. I purchased a piece of glass at Lowes. It came to about 9 bucks. They even cut it to specification right there in the store. Such a great convenience to be able to get my screws and glass in one shot. But I honestly used old screws so that wasn’t an expense to me for this project. The other thing Lowes has is the brackets that I used on the back.

Put your miter saw to 45 degrees. You will make a cut on one end, measure the inside of the frame (a little under your glass measurements so it can ‘frame’ your glass without falling through. I think I did a quarter of an inch on each side. Not much room for error but I wanted most of the print to show without having to mat it. (I’m cheap like that). 

I then cut up all my boards.

The result is a cute little frame. I remeasure for good measure before I bond and make everything permanent.

I am using Elmers Wood Glue. I would like to thank my son for the AMAZING photography in this post. I couldn’t have done it without him. 

I pour on the glue to one side, wiping off the excess with a paper towel.

I screwed the L shaped brackets in place.

I then secure the two pieces in place. 

At one point I was thinking about making a super frame but decided against it for a simpler approach. 

The next step is to gently lay the glass, picture, backing on the frame, picture facing down on the back of the pallet frame. Since the picture already came in a frame it already had all of the backing. I just took it all and placed it on the pallet. If you just have a print, put on some cardboard and fit it to the print to keep it tight.

I lay a board on the bottom and top of the picture. Yes…I put it on the picture. 

This is a critical step. I screw two screws into place. Note that you do not want to screw it DOWN and risk breaking the glass. This is just to secure the glass in place so that it doesn’t move. Notice there is some slack between the top board and the bottom. But it’s snug…unmoving. You don’t want your picture floating inside that board because you could risk it falling out of the frame. If you are super paranoid, put a couple screws in the very bottom so your glass and picture don’t fall out. I wasn’t super paranoid since I made sure the top and bottom were secured tight but not too tight to break the glass.

I then tap a couple nails on the sides so that there is no risk in the picture shifting. 

I secure two hooks on each side and i pull a wire through in which the picture will hang. 

Next I take one pallet board that is the length of the picture frame. I cut that in two. I use that piece to secure to the sides so that when people see the picture from the side, they don’t see the uneven boards that are holding your picture to the frame. I secured it by screwing it with two screws at the top and bottom.

The result is a nice looking edge on the wall that hides everything including the hook and wire.

Truly beautiful for your rustic look and it sure spruces up your prints for under 15 bucks. Please note that this pallet design is my own. I don’t know how to professionally ‘frame’. 🙂 But then again, I am not going to spend money on someone to frame it when I can do it for myself. My goal was that the picture did not move inside the frame and that it wouldn’t crash to the floor and shatter. I think I accomplished all of that. But…I am going to replace the s hooks with ‘fence’ staples today because I don’t feel that the crappy hooks that are used for regular framing are sturdy enough to hold that much weight. 

Note: Also when framing something this heavy please use a stud for your hanging. I recommend a stud finder at your local home improvement store. 

Happy framing!

Here are some more frames I have created!

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  1. SammyandSufi says:

    Someone is being very creative! I love upcycling and being savvy with pallets.


    1. autumnokie says:

      Thank you so much I love creating new things with old stuff. Make sure you follow me so you can see all my newest creations!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SammyandSufi says:

        I sure will give it a follow! Can’t wait to see more updates and projects. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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