Defining curly hair

Many people always ask how I get my daughter’s hair defined. 

Step 1: Wash your little one’s hair with shampoo.

Rinse the shampoo out completely. Repeat if you want, I never re-wash.

Step 2: I then put about a dime size amount (for her hair) of conditoner in my palm and rub my hands together. I then run it through her hair, not touching her scalp, but mainly on the ends. I do not wash out her conditioner. You can tell if you use too much if your child’s hair appears oily. You can tell if it is too little if it is a bit frizzy. (If and only if your daughter or son starts having problems with their scalp like a buildup of ‘ick’ you might need to apply some baking soda and rub the scalp and then re-shampoo. A vinegar solution of half water/half vinegar put in the area will help loosen the ‘icky buildup’. Make sure to wash it out. And it’s ok to ‘scratch’ their scalp with your fingernails while shampooing. You know what feels good, if they squeak, then stop! 

Step 3: Once your child hair has the conditioner in place in her wet hair, completely brush it out and get the hair tangle free. I use a pick and start at the ends and work my way to her scalp. You can scrunch the tangle free hair in your hand if you want to have more curls since the curls tend to straighten when you brush them out.

Step 4: (optional) apply a small amount of gel or styling product. Use only products that say they are natural. -Note: in these pictures of my daughter I did not use any additional product like gel. I just used conditioner. Scrunch her hair while it is still wet.

Step 5: Air dry…do not blow dry or apply any heating element. 

The final result is curls.

And naughtiness as she flees.

Here are more ‘curly pics’. 🙂 

As she has grown and her hair has grown, the curls are straightening out. Weight will pull the curl out of it. I also have not been scrunching it. My hair is done the exact same way but with more product and I finish with a bunch of gel. I tend to put three large dabs in mine. But if you overdo gel it will look as though you put shampoo in your hair and will bubble up so experiment with small amounts.

Happy styling!

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    Good to know

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