Giving meds to a canine

Most dogs will take meds with a little coaxing. However some dogs absolutely wont eat meds and in that case you need to prepare the meds a certain way and assist the dog with taking the meds.

This is Gin. He’s my old man with a mouth infection from a stick that got lodged into his mouth.

First of all consult your vet and obtain the prescriptions. Follow their directions on dosage and duration. 

Mine required a half pill and a full capsule twice daily. I cut the pill in half with a knife.

I used the handle of the knife to crush the medicine in a powder. 

I twisted the capsule to reveal the medicine inside. I then cut a piece of soft cheese.

Make it just about the size of the medicine.

Pour the medicine on top. Then curl the cheese together and pinch the sides making a closed pouch with the medicine inside.

We are ready to present the cheesy medicine. When slipping in your finger be careful so the dog doesn’t bite. Easing your finger in, not forcing it, will avoid bites. The open jaw allows the cheese to enter the mouth. If you don’t crush it the dog can spit out the capsule and will force you to have to give more cheese. 

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