Straight rows 

My organized seed ‘book’. 🙂 I separate it out by vegetable, fruit, herb and then put them in the case by different plant. It helps me to keep everything organized and for quick reference. The CD case will not shut completely (fyi) I am looking for a new case that is in a larger folder, I tend to have too many seeds! 

This project is great for kids to help on a rainy day. It doesn’t take much time to complete and the result is you just lay them in the bed instead of having to space out and waste valuable ‘gardening’ time. 

For this I choose to do the sunflower since the seeds are so large, it’s easy to see online. I flipped over and saw the spacing requirements are three inches.

I roll out about five sheets of paper towels, then I re-roll them up and cut them into strips.

The website that I saw this on had elmers glue. I didn’t like that at all. It’s like the kid in class eating glue. I couldn’t get that picture out of my head so I went on a gardening forum and asked suggestions. I received this ‘idea’ from Sonya Reasor. (Thank you) 

She suggested that I use flour and water to make a paste. 

I spaced them approximately three inches apart using a ruler. You can see the water being absorbed by the paper towels.

I let the mixture dry on the paper towel for several hours. You will know it is dry when you do not see the water around each seed. 

I carefully roll up each strip.

I place each strip that I made in a ziploc bag and place the empty seed packet in the pouch to for easy identification.

I also put a second seed packet, on the back, with the information for quick reference. 

When I am ready to plant I just unroll and place in the ground, at the appropriate depth, and I will have straight rows of sunflowers. You can use this for your herb, vegetable, or flower garden. The paper and flour mixture will eventually break down, leaving the seeds behind. 

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