Green chile sauce

I found out that once a year in Paris, Texas they have a Hatch Green Chile Festival at the Farmers Market. I couldn’t get there fast enough and buy two totes full. 

They take green chile and fire roast them. I froze them so that I could enjoy the southwest flavor I grew up on in Southwestern Colorado all year long.

When preparing green chile, its best to wear disposable gloves. The oils from the chile linger and the worst feeling is rubbing your eye afterward and feeling the burn. 

Grab one end of the outer layer and peel it back. Discard the peels.

 Chop off the stem.

Cut lenthwise several times.

Chop the chile, discarding seeds if you want a more mild flavor.

Sautee the garlic until tender. I used about 2 Tbs. of garlic.

I used gluten free baking mix. 

About 1/2 cup. I ended up adding a little more oil so it looks like this rather than crumbly and dry.

 I added an entire box of chicken broth. I wanted the consistency to be more runny than thick. 

Last I added about four whole chopped green chile and seeds. You can use the sauce to pour over open faced burgers, in enchiladas, on burritos, and any southwest dish.

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