Green chile stew

With winter in full bloom, I wanted to bring a little New Mexico comfort food into my home. Green chile stew is a hearty meal. Served with a salad and cornbread can also count as gluten free. First wash your potatoes. I chose to make a crock pot meal and a freezer dump meal for later. If you are cooking, you might as well cook two meals!

Add potatoes to the bottom of a crock pot. Layer the top with frozen chicken breasts.

Then prepare your green chiles. 

Peel your chiles. Chop off stem.

Cut lengthwise then dice.I added 4 chiles to this meal and my dump meal.

I added a half an onion also diced. Then I added enough chicken broth to cover meal. If you run out of broth top with water. 

Here is the second meal, my crock pot dump meal ready for a cold day. If you have never used the green ziplock baggie holder, I would recommend them. Especially when it’s just you preparing the dump meals.

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