Remodel with pallets

Our guest bedroom remodel with pallets.

Guest bedroom when we moved in! 

The paint was peeling an the worst eyesore!

Red and black! 

We used Kilz paint and after a bunch of sanding we had a beautiful dark green color. 

I ripped out the carpet which was covered in glue and glitter. I was amazed at how dirty the padding was. My goal is to remove all carpet in my house. It keeps your family healthier and reduces the amount of dust in the air. I replaced with Pergo laminate flooring. I had purchased some on sale. The last part was fitting each groove together, that you see for a flawless floor that is easy to clean.


I built a small blanket holder and stained it with Minwax stain.

I added pallet trim.

I cut each board with my miter saw. 

I added a pallet headboard.

I added a quick bed frame so my guest wouldn’t be sleeping on a mattress laid on the floor! I will make modifications to this later with pallet flare!

I added some accents out of wood. I found these two wood frames in an old barn.


This is my guest bedroom. I found the cow skull on our property from the previous owner. I cleaned the skull and made sure it was secure in a stud. With the white linens, the dark colored walls are softened but give it a comfortable feel. Just another way to decorate on a budget while achieving a unique look. 

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