Taking out a placenta

We had a heifer give birth this year to a beautiful baby. The birth was unassisted yet her placenta was hanging out of her.

In most instances the placenta will fall out. After day three she started to appear tired so I knew she needed it out of her.

She was in with two other heifers that just gave birth. Heifers are a cow who hasn’t given birth…so now they are all mama cows! I slowly moved all pairs up to the pens. With babies I do not ever bring dogs because the mother will want to turn to fight the dogs and put more stress on the mother cow. Then I put the cows in the chute. Seperate the calves from the moms so they don’t get trampled in the alleyway. 

I brought her up and gave her a shot of LA300 and antibiotics. Just to cover my basis.I first took a spray bottle of iodine and covered the area around the opening where the placenta was hanging.

I first tried tugging on it to see if a little pressure would release it. It did not. So i reached carefully into her and started to slowly reach inside her and feel the placenta and work my way inside her. 

My husband said make sure the buttons are undone. I kept thinking whats a button. I saw squid like tenticles….and these big things that looked like portabella mushrooms. Those….are the buttons. I reached in made my way further and felt a button. Using my hand I went around the button inside of her and I felt it release. I pulled on the placenta from inside and could see the cow contract. The placenta came right out.

I did not have boluses. If you do gently insert them deep into her. I sprayed her down with iodine again. I turned her out but will watch her extremely close. Making sure she gets protein and starts to gain strength.

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  1. Shannon Ready says:

    You are just amazing, lady!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. autumnokie says:

      Thanks! I’m having a blast!


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