Seedless Blackberry Jam

Calving season is finally over! I once again have time to relax, blog, and create new projects! Each June and July we forage for blackberries on our property. We have several wild thickets that producd some amazing produce.

We collected our baskets and hit the trails. This year in southeastern Oklahoma the conditions were righy for a very super early harvest.

We then rinsed off our berries, being sure to lightly turn them under the water. We wanted seedless jam this time so we ran it through a strainer. We purchased a strainer after seeing a friend’s similar strainer. 

We put the berries in the top and turn the handle and out comes the juices on one side and the pulp and seeds on the other. We rerun the seeds and pulp through extracting as much juice from the pulp as possible.

Our chickens live off a variety of foods from the garden and they also free range so they were very happy to receive the pulp and seeds.

The next part is the recipe we use for jam. This will make 7 quarts.

10 cups of raspberries. If you go seedless you will need to double this.

5 cups of sugar

1 lemon

Many times when foraging for wild blackberries we do not come up with this amount so we just estimate based on the amount of juice extracted.

Put a couple spoons in the freezer.

In a big pot put your blackberries, sugar and lemon together. Bring to a boil and lower heat to a simmer. Constantly keep an eye on your blackberries and stir or it will burn. I usually simmer for 20-30 minutes. 

Bust out a cold spoon and extract some of your jam onto the spoon. Mine usually sets up instantly but if it doesnt pop spoon in the freezer at an angle it doesnt drip for 2 minutes. Pull it out and hold it over sink. If it slides off it needs to cook more. If it stays put or has a little run off, its ready to can. If its a hunk of gel that slides off its done.

Take your sterile jars and fill with 1/4″ headspace and boil in water for 15 minutes. You can keep these jars stored in a cool place for up to a year. 

If you are refrigerating it put it in a jar in fridge for up to two months.

Follow the USDA guidelines for proper food storage.

Hope you enjoy foraging and enjoying your berries all season long!

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