Freezing basil 

This year my garden once again went wild. This year on basil. We decided that we would dedicate a day to harvesting 2/3 of the plant so it continues to produce but get rid of the tops that were bolting. We do let part of the basil plants bolt so we can have basil seed for next year.

We cut the tops off and shred all of the leaves off of each basil stem. I personally don’t like stem infused basil so the less, the better.

I will take a stem in my left hand and shred off the leaves with my right. 

I place all the basil in a strainer. You nedd to wash your basil leaves really well. Get the bugs and dirt off.

This chore is super easy for kids to get involved. If they are watching tv, put them to work!

Add your washed leaves in a food processor with olive oil. I do not add a lot to my mix just enough to pull the leaves into the blender.

Blend away. Now I do not add anything to this basil because I do not know if it will go on a pizza or pasta or over sliced tomatoes in an oven…yummy. I make a generic pesto that you can add to based on what you make. You can add nuts or parmesan cheese or just google pesto recipes to see the varieties, oh my!

I froze these so I put them in quart sized bags, labeled them and filled.

Press them flat to save freezer space and to get the most amount of oxygen out of the bag.

Enjoy some fresh basil all year round. Please note your house will smell amazing all day when you do this!

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