Catching the mice

Rural life has mice…there is no way around it. I thankfully haven’t seen any mice in our home but last night at 3am, I heard one scratching around in the walls. No doubt the creature wants to make my home his…or worse…hers so she can have baby mice! Eek.

So…I am building a quick trap that I have seen all over pinterest, the internet, and diy pest control places. If you love mice you better quit reading. Or you can send me a message and for a fee, I will happily catch them at the bottom of a dry bucket and mail them all to you…(applies only to out of state readers).

You will need:

  1. A drill and drill bit
  2. 5 gallon bucket
  3. A pop can
  4. Wire hanger
  5. Needle nose plyers

Take the bucket and drill two holes in the top, directly across from one another and one in the bottom of your pop can. Take a hanger and using the plyers cut the end off. Discard the top shown here.

Thread the wire through one end, through the can. You will have both ends poking out.

Heres a better picture of the bottom of the pop can with the drilled hole.

Here is the top of the can. I threaded it through the can tab.

Take the end of the wire so there is a little bit poking out, bend it upwards to make an L shape. 

Do the same for the other side, making it snug, cut off the excess. Have your assistants help smear peanut butter all over the can. You will attract dogs, cats, and chickens. 🙂 Fill your bucket with 4 inches of water.

Place the trap in a dark area you know mice frequent but is away from all animals so they dont eat your peanut butter and leave! Place two small walking sticks so the mice can climb up. Now you wait.

The mouse will climb up, jump to the spinning can, fall in the water and drown. Yes its a bad way to go but its better than a sticky trap. Change out daily….

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kjw says:

    Hello. My brother uses water in bottom of bucket/ 1/2 full ish, cheese cloth to just cover bucket similar ramp and then places treats on the cheese cloth….


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